3rd European Summer School on Nutrigenomics, Jesi, Italy

The 3rd European Summer School on Nutrigenomics has the aim to improve the knowledge on the correlation between early life nutrition and adult health. To this aim, the school will focus on how the mother’s nutrition impacts offspring health and related consequences for future generations (transgenerational and intergenerational effects).


The education of young nutritionists and researchers working on nutrition and health requires the upgrade on the key role of mother’s life style in the modulation of health later in life, and the knowledge of molecular mechanisms determining the healthy or unhealthy phenotype represents a key goal for prevention and in the early biomarker diagnosis.

The goal of the 3rd European Summer School on Nutrigenomics is strongly linked to DOHaD research because both aim to clarify the early determinants of late onset diseases that represent main burden of health care system.

As you can read in the programme (http://d7.unicam.it/nutrigenomics/) early life will be treated by several point of view.

The school is open to 100 young researchers aimed to acquire new inside the modulation of epigenome by nutrition and xenobiotics during early life and across the life span.


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