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Introducing the DOHaD Society of Australia and New Zealand Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD)

This initiative is directly aligned with the global agenda to combat the devastation of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). The integrated cross-disciplinary approach will build on the inextricable link between maternal, perinatal and early childhood factors and the risk of developing NCDs in later life.

The mandate is for ‘disease prevention’ as the ultimate approach to reducing the burden of NCDs. Early life is a critical time of risk, but also a critical time of opportunity for promotion of health and prevention of future disease. The greatest potential for success lies in early intervention and there is already substantial evidence that initiatives to promote a ‘healthy start to life’ can reduce the risk of both early and later NCDs with wide social and economic benefits.

Common risk factors mean common solutions. All modern diseases are associated with modern lifestyle changes, suggesting common risk factors for many NCDs. These risks include unhealthy dietary patterns, reduced physical activity, altered patterns of microbial exposure, tobacco smoking, harmful use of alcohol, and other environmental pollutants. A coordinated interdisciplinary approach is imperative to mitigate the growing burden of a broad range of modern diseases, and to improve health in the new millennium.

Executive Members

PresidentSusan Prescott
Vice PresidentJulie Owens
SecretaryBeverley Muhlhausler
TreasurerPhillip Baker
Social MediaJeff Craig
NSW/ACT RepChris Nolan
Society LiaisonMichael Skilton
VIC/TAS RepHayley Dickinson
SA RepNicolette Hodyl
ECR RepTodd Fulston
NZ RepMark Vickers
NT RepGurmeet Singh
QLD RepPeter Davies
WA RepRai-Chi Huang
Local ECRTania Romano

News Items

3rd Annual Meeting 2016

The DOHaD Society of ANZ is currently planning their 3rd Annual Meeting in Adelaide Australia 2016. Look here for more details on this great upcoming meeting.

NNI Young Researcher Award for 2016

The Nestle Nutrition Institute (NNI) South East Asia and Pacific Rim (SEA&PR) Advisory Board will be launching a Young Researcher Award in 2016. The award will be based on a published or unpublished manuscript that is within the theme of “The first 1000 days of life”, with the first day of the first 1000 days being the day before conception. Thus the manuscript could relate to pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, infancy or toddlers. Each member country of the SEA&PR NNI will submit its local winner to the SEA&PR NNI Advisory Board for judging.


For further information about the application process please email Professor Peter Davies at
For application cover sheet and submissions, please email Nestlé Nutrition Institute Australia at



Closing date: Friday 18th December 2015.



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