DOHaD Latin American Chapter

It comprises numerous national members within and beyond Latin America, including Spain and Portugal. The Ibero-American Chapter facilitates the coming together of researchers that live within similar realities economically, culturally, historically and linguistically speaking; it aims to create a local network for communication and collaboration; to increase our influence on local political agents and research fund agencies; and to assess common health hazard exposures within our countries. In November 2014 we had our first Congress of the Ibero-American Chapter in Ponta Grossa, Brazil with more than 100 participants from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela. We selected 11 presentations in that congress to be included in a themed issue of the Journal of DOHaD which is presently under preparation. Our second Congress is set to occur in November 2-4, 2016 also in Brazil. City Sao Luis de Maranhao.

Executive Members

PresidentPaulo Cezar de Freitas Mathias (Brasil)
Vice PresidentElena Zambrano (Mexico)
SecretaryBernardo Javier Krause (Chile)
TreasurerAntonio Marcus de Andrade Paes (Brasil)
18 country representatives (vocals)
Graciela Barsimeto, Claudio Solana, Alejandro Dinerstein (Argentina)
Gloria Larrabure, Nelly Zavaleta (Peru)
Elvira Larque (Spain)
Isabel Bove (Uruguay)
Beatriz E Parra, Jorge Botero, Nicolas Ramos (Colombia)
Marianella Herrera (Venezuela)
Elena Zambrano, Arturo Cardona (Mexico)
Dalton Avila (Ecuador)
R Figueredo (Paraguay)
Emilio Herrera, Marcelo Farias (Chile)
Carlos de Cespedes (Cost Rica)
Advisory Committee Members
Cesar Victora (Brazil), Reynaldo Martorell (Honduras), Angel Gil (Spain), Jose Miguel Belizan (Argentina), Luis Moreno (Espana), Ricardo Uauy (Chile), Pedro Rosso (Chile), Juan Rivera (Mexico)

News Items

Upcoming Event

The second Congress of the Ibero-American chapter is set to occur in November 2-4, 2016 also in Brazil City Sao Luis de Maranhao. Chairman: Prof. Antonio Marcus de Andrade Paes, PhD. Universidade Federal do Maranhao – UFMA. Departamento de Ciencias Fisiologicas – DCF/CCBS. Laboratorio de Fisiologia Experimental – LeFiso.


Tel: (98) 3272 8557

Upcoming Event

November 8-11, in Ponta Cana, Dominican Republic, DOHaD-CLAP symposia at the Latin American Congress of Nutrition, with the participation of M. Herrera (Venezuela, coordinator), Pablo Durán (CLAP), and others

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