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Pakistan DOHaD Society was formally launched in September 2016. It constitutes a team of trans-disciplinary researchers engaged in high-level scientific research to address the growing challenge of non-communicable diseases in a resource constrained set-up of Pakistan (a low middle income country that ranks as the world 6th most populous nation). With more than 24% of people above 18 year being hypertensive in Pakistan, 25% of people over 40 years having coronary heart disease, 10% of adults suffering from diabetes and 34% from depressive disorders, the society aims to target developmental origins of health and  disease  by demonstrating the profound impact of fetal life on future health and development. Using fetus as a patient, we primarily work along 2 research lines with relevance to in-utero programming:

  1. Cardiovascular Research Line
  2. Neurodevelopment Research Line


Cardiovascular Research Line

This research line explores the structural and functional changes in the fetal cardiovascular system as an adaptation to adverse conditions in-utero such as in maternal diabetes, preeclampsia and fetal growth restriction. These cardiovascular changes are detected through various biomarkers using two-dimensional ultrasound. Through prospective design, such fetuses will be followed during postnatal and early childhood periods for identification of population susceptible for cardiovascular diseases in adulthood and for appropriate nutritional intervention.


Neurodevelopment Research Line

This research line investigates into structural brain changes and cerebral hemodynamics in fetuses of diabetic mothers and those affected with growth restriction.  The purpose is to detect at risk fetuses for abnormal neurodevelopmental outcome during early childhood and to design appropriate intervention so as to improve neurodevelopmental health during this time period.


Pakistan DOHaD Society currently has 24 affiliated members. President: Dr. Nuruddin Mohammed; Vice-President: Dr. Babar Hasan; Secretary: Dr. Rozina Nuruddin; Treasurer: Dr. Ayesha Malik; Advisors: Dr. Rahat Qureshi; Dr. Ghazala Rafique; Dr. Ayesha Yousafzai


Executive Members:       7

Executive Members

PresidentDr Nuruddin Mohammed MBBS (Pak); MSc (Singapore); PhD (Singapore)
Vice PresidentDr Babar S Hasan MD, FAAP
SecretaryDr Rozina Nuruddin MBBS (Pak); MSc (Singapore); PhD (Singapore)
TreasurerDr Ayesha Malik MBBS (Pak); MSc (Pak); FCPS (Pak)
Advisory MemberDr Rahat Qureshi MBBS (Pak); FCPS (Pak); FRCOG (UK); Dip MEd (UK)
Advisory MemberDr Ghazala Rafique MBBS; FCPS; FSc; MPH
Advisory MemberDr Aisha Yousafzai PhD (UK)

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