Nick Hales

Established in memory of the late Professor Nick Hales, DOHaD bestows this award to a new and emerging researcher who has already made an outstanding contribution to the DOHaD field. In order to be eligible for this award, early career researchers must be DOHaD Society Members and within <10 years of their first academic/ professional appointment.. Past “rising stars” include:

Awards are handed out at the Society World Congress, where the medal winner delivers a plenary lecture.

2022 WINNER: Emilio Herrera, Universidad de Chile

Emilio A. Herrera is a Chilean veterinarian, with a PhD in Biomedical Sciences at the  University of Chile and a PostDoc at University of Cambridge. In 2011, after his PostDoc, he returned to Chile and is a Professor in the  Pathophysiology Program, Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile. He is also part of a selected team of researchers of the International Center for Andean Studies (INCAS) at the University of Chile, being the current director of this Research Center.

Emilio has developed several animal models to resolve  reproductive, developmental and DOHaD related questions, particularly associated with the  effects of hypoxia and oxidative stress in perinatal life. Dr. Herrera’s programs of research  have been carried out in large animals including sheep, llama and horse, and small animal  models such as the rat, guinea pig, mouse and chick embryo. His Lab adopts an integrative  approach at the whole animal, isolated organ, cellular and molecular levels to ask focused questions on the role of fetal oxygenation in growth, development and the associated increased cardiovascular risk at adulthood. The experimental science is compared with  epidemiological data from human populations residing at high altitudes, such as the South  American Andes. Combined, Herrera’s research transcends components of basic, clinical,  anthropological and translational science, with direct relevance to the significant  advancement of knowledge on early origins of health and disease.

Dr. Herrera understands that animal welfare is key to the success of the research. Hence, he  has a high awareness of animal welfare and bioethics, and therefore has defined and  developed norms and regulations regarding animal research at the University of Chile, the  Chilean National Research Agency (ANID), the Ministry of Science and Technology of Chile  and local legislation. Herrera´s is the first President of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee of the University of Chile. 


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