Perinatal Nutrition and DOHaD Consequences, March 6th, 2021, Athens

Venue: AKISA Ampitheatre, Attikon University Hospital, Athens

Date: 06-03-2021

The 8th “Maria Delivoria-Papadopoulos Perinatal Symposium”, adapting to the requirements of the COVID-19
pandemic, has changed its usual form to hybrid. This permits a great number of participants across the world to follow free of charge the presentations by prominent international scientists and take part in the interactive panel discussion on a very important topic: “Perinatal Nutrition and DOHaD Consequences”. Relatively, constantly emerging research data clearly recognize the catalytic role of perinatal nutrition in the long-term health of the offspring, but also of future generations. The Symposium is endorsed by two important institutions: The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and The PREIS School, Florence.

The “Maria Delivoria-Papadopoulos Perinatal Symposia” started in 2010 and address each time extensively only one theme, adhering to the exact definition of a “scientific Symposium”. They are named after the famous Greek-American Professor Maria Delivoria-Papadopoulos, the legendary “Trailblazer in Perinatology” and “Mother of Neonatology”: the clinician and scientist who, as first worldwide applied mechanical respiratory support to premature neonates and gained numerous awards for her pioneering work in peri-and-neonatal physiology, particularly of the brain. Maria participated several times to these Symposia and intended to virtually follow this latest edition. Unfortunately, on September 11, 2020 she passed away; thus, the current Symposium will be a
tribute to her memory.

The undersigned shares Maria’s notion that knowledge transfer is a “social good”, which should be largely disseminated for free, hence making sponsors’ contribution invaluable.

Hoping that you will enjoy the presentations and you will vividly participate to the discussions I want to cordially thank our distinguished speakers for their eager engagement.

Professor Ariadne Malamitsi-Puchner, MD, PhD

Further details and programme HERE

The secretariat of the Symposium ( and chief organiser Ariadne Malamitsi-Puchner are happy to provide information concerning the free registration and the platform for following the Symposium.

ONLINE: 4th Meeting of Latin American DOHaD Chapter, 13-16 October 2020

Venue: Online

Date: 13-10-2020



Adverse conditions during critical periods of one's lifetime, such as conception, pregnancy, infancy and adolescence, are associated with an increased risk of chronic non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, chronic obstructive lung disease, mental illnesses , etc. This concept is called Developmental Origins of Health and Diseases (DOHaD), hypothesized by Dr. David Barker (1938 - 2013). In this regard, the recent and current outbreaks of important infectious diseases all over the world, transmitted by viruses whose surges are intimately related to environmental imbalances, have stressed the importance of looking at the human health beyond the human body. Particularly, those infections are capable of effecting human development over generations.

Thus, to promote network between DOHaD researchers and translate scientific data into societal welfare, the Latin American DOHaD Chapter, in association with the DOHaD Brazil Group and the Brazilian Physiological Society, are honored to announce the 4th Meeting of Latin American DOHaD Chapter, in joint with 4th International Symposium of DOHaD and Stress, as well as 2nd Colloquium Prof. Cesar Timo - Iaria. Under the motto “One World, One Health”, this event will be held next October 13-16 on the web. This joint meeting will bring together scientists, clinical researchers, obstetricians, pediatricians, public health professionals and policymakers from around the world to discuss and share exciting and cutting-edge knowledge in a complete online way.

Precision Nutrition and Brain Health

Venue: UNC Nutrition Research Institute, Kannapolis, North Carolina

Date: 02-04-2020 to 03-04-2020

Symposium focus


Who will attend

Scientists and medical professionals from academia, government, and industry will attend to help them understand response to interventions.


2020 Meeting of the Canadian DOHaD Society

Venue: Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta

Date: 11-02-2020 to 12-02-2020

DOHaD CANADA is pleased to announce its 4th Annual Meeting to be held at the Banff Centre in Banff Alberta, on the 11th & 12th of February 2020.

This year, the DOHaD Canada scientific program will address new challenges for DOHaD in today’s environment. A detailed program will be released shortly. The meeting provides an important venue for information exchange and dissemination among Canadian DOHaD researchers, trainees, clinicians and policy leaders, and a forum for knowledge translation of the vastly relevant DOHaD research that is undertaken across Canada. This important event is expected to attract 120 participants and will showcase the work of trainees, new investigators and established DOHaD researchers. As we did last year, DOHaD Canada’s meeting has been scheduled immediately before the Canadian Perinatal Research Meeting (CNPRM) to ensure the best possible attendance and reach of our message.

The program will include Keynote addresses by Dr. Lucilla Poston, Head of the Department of Women and Children’s Health at King’s College London and Dr. Jed Friedman, Director of the Harold Hamm Diabetes Center at the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center.

2020 Meeting

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