DOHaD Council Members

The DOHaD Society Council is composed of individuals elected from and by the Members of the
CIO. Council positions represent the CIO Subcommittees, editor of JDOHaD, all geographical
regions of the world, and different broad scientific disciplines: basic sciences, clinical sciences,
epidemiology, public health, policy and economics.

The Council meets virtually 3-4 times a year, and in person at each World Congress every two years.
Elected members serve on Council for four years, with each term beginning and closing with the
Society’s Annual General Meeting (held at that year's World Congress). All Council Members serve
on one of seven Council Subcommittees: Advocacy, Communications, Education, Scientific
Program, Sponsorship and Fundraising, Trainee/ECR Association, and Workshop Committees.


Interested in playing a role in the Society? Nominations for Council are now open!


Society Members can self-nominate or be nominated for a position on Council. NOTE: If there are at
least two nominations for one Council post, it will go to a Membership-wide vote, otherwise
nominations are reviewed (and approved) by Council members. Detailed information about the
Council composition and election protocols may be found in the Society Constitution.

Learn more about the available positions, and submit your nomination here.

Professor Lucilla PostonProf Lucilla PostonPresident
Dr Deborah SlobodaDr Deborah SlobodaSecretary/DOHaD Canada Representative
Professor Keith GodfreyProf Keith GodfreyTreasurer
Professor Mark HansonProf Mark HansonPast President/Advocacy Chair
Dr Sue OzanneDr Susan OzanneRegional Representative EUROPE / Fundraising and Sponsorship Chair
Dr Lucy GreenRegional Representative EUROPE
Prof Thorsten BraunRegional Representative EUROPE
Assoc Prof Nuruddin MohammedRegional Representative /Education Chair & PAKISTAN SOCIETY
Prof Giridhara BabuRegional Representative LMIC
Assoc Prof Ahmad SuryawanRegional Representative: LMIC
Prof Rob WaterlandRegional Representative: NORTH AMERICA / SPC Chair
Professor Steve MatthewsProf Stephen MatthewsRegional Representative NORTH AMERICA / DOHaD CANADA
Dr Rebecca SimmonsSpeciality Representative BASIC SCIENCE
Prof Dino GiussaniSpeciality Representative BASIC SCIENCE
Dr Torsten PloschDr Torsten PloschSpeciality Representative BASIC SCIENCE
Assoc Prof Carmen IsasiSpeciality Representative CLINICAL SCIENCES
Prof Paula MeierSpecialty Representative CLINICAL SCIENCES
RR imageProf Rebecca ReynoldsSpeciality Representative CLINICAL SCIENCES / Workshop Chair
Prof Tessa RoseboomSpeciality Representative PUBLIC HEALTH & POLICY
Mike RossDr Michael RossSpeciality Representative J DOHaD Editor
Prof Bert KoletzkoEarly Nutrition link
Dr Shane NorrisRegional Representative: AFRICA SOCIETY
Dr Bev MulhauslerRegional Representative: ANZ SOCIETY
Prof Huixia YangRegional Representative: CHINA DOHAD SOCIETY
Prof Marie-Aline CharlesRegional Representative FRENCH SOCIETY
Prf. Antonio Marcus Paes Regional Representative DOHAD LATIN AMERICAN
Prof Hiroaki ItohRegional Representative JAPAN SOCIETY
Dr Cheryl RosenfeldRegional Representative: US DOHaD
Prof John Bertram2019 CONGRESS CHAIR
Ms Amita BansalDr Amita BansalEarly Career Researcher Chair
Ms Giselle AbruzzeseTrainee Representative
Prof Mary BarkerTrustee
Prof Caroline FallTrustee
Prof Sir Peter GluckmanTrustee
Dr Ronald MaTrustee
Professor Francisco MardonesProf Francisco MardonesTrustee
Dr Chittaranjan YajnikTrustee

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