The International DOHaD Society supports and promotes Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) throughout our entire organization and membership and in our activities within academia, education, research, and our professional and public activities. We embrace unique differences, diverse backgrounds and experiences of all our staff, volunteers and Members. We foster a culture of inclusion and accessibility for all.


Our commitment in supporting EDI considers global demographics and systemic barriers that many groups face resulting from historical and codified policies of exclusion.

It is our expectation that our staff, volunteers, Members and partners share our values and take part in our vision and objectives (described in our Framework), where a commitment to EDI is not only our Society’s responsibility, but also an individual one.

In keeping with this, the International DOHaD Society also expects all Society Members to uphold the professional reputation of the Society. Positive behaviours should govern all Society members, council members and trustee behaviour throughout their engagements with, or on behalf of, any and all of the Society’s activities, in all spheres of professional work. For more information read the Society’s Code of Conduct.

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